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Frequently Used Homework Excuses of All-Time

Many of us, at least for those who have been through school, will agree with me that at some point we truly struggled with homework. Other times we just couldn’t finish working on them on time. This meant that we had to come up with some sort of excuse to avoid being penalized by the teacher. I know you can relate to this too.

Are you one of those students who used “sickness” as one of your excuses? Or did you have a real knack here and crafted full stories to get away with your “incompetence”?

Well, here are some of the most common homework excuses of all time.

My “pet” ate the homework

Students can be crafty when they want to get out of a hot seat. Since homework penalties could dent their academic record, many students strive to come up with emotionally stinging excuses. The all-time best “my pet ate my homework” with a sad face always seemed to work before it became a cliché.

I mistakenly left it at home/in the car

Forgetting one’s homework always means that you haven’t done much of it anyway. With so much assignment to cover and little passion to inspire you are bound to end up with halfway done assignments. In this case, forgetting it at home or in the car would probably give you the refuge you are seeking.

I forgot all about the homework

Teachers always associate this excuse with laziness and/or ignorance. To make matters worse, some don’t tolerate hearing this as an excuse. But students have a way of circumventing them. They go the extra mile and convince this strict lot that they have memory problems. This way they often end up with leniency and strict warning for the next batch of homework.

The computer/printer crashed

Living in a technologically advanced world today means that students have various methods of doing and submitting their homework. It is no longer just a pen and paper anymore. However, many seem to take advantage of the “fragile” nature of different software and hardware computer components and might give a variation of this excuse not knowing how easy it is for their teachers to counter it and catch them red-handed.

Someone stole my homework

As desperate as it may sound, some students have the nerve to spice this excuse up with a graphics of sporadic violence and thuggery not knowing that it is better to either die protecting the homework or run along to rescue it from the thieves.

There was a serious power surge

Long are the days that this excuse still held water. Many of the current parents would admit to using variations of it with some managing to get away with their slackness. It is no longer applicable in the current society but still worth getting in this list.

Home-based cataclysms

This is one of my all-time best excuses that are still being used by students up to date. Some common variations include blaming a small fire for consuming the assignment or a local flood that soaked and swept their homework away.

There you have it. These are some of the most commonly used homework excused of all time. In case you fail to complete your assignment, we urge you to tell the truth than lying because it might cost you a lot.

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