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Why College is so Complicated

A post recently suggested that college hours should get shortened. We are now the beneficiaries of an all-time struggle to reduce the intensity of college studies. Fifteen hours per week sounds much like a struggle to many.

Many people cannot study for more than 15 hours. The internet will then be a lonely place. Even at this very moment, it is hard to get off it while writing this article. I might be here for long and miss a new meme.

The internet has made the world a global village. Most of the learning takes place on the internet. We find so many things and a lot of information on the internet than we can process. There are many good and bad information, true and false ones, but we have to move on regardless.

Homework generally is meant for high school students after painfully surviving the four long years of studying and carrying heavy textbooks to every corner of the school, writing a million essays, pursuing a ton of exercises, doing practical and experiments in the labs. You get set to tune into a relaxing mood and enjoy the air of freedom. During this period, the liver accepts anything that you feed it without a minute complaint.

Yes, by now, we have gotten the sorry rank in education as the 17th in place worldwide. That is okay. It is high school ranking, where we get heavy supervision, and everybody is on your neck, waiting for good results. But now we are tired, and we need plenty of rest.

I really cannot say that my schedule was that tight or rigorous. But I have to admit to this that I, unfortunately, missed the last shift I was to take at work during my second semester in my final year. The reason was that I overslept. It may sound pardonable, but would you pardon it if the shift was on a Monday at 3 PM? You guessed it.

Who attends Saturday classes? Fridays never found me in school, so what is Saturday doing in my schedule? That should get worn down as soon as I finish this article. When you check the course catalog of Princeton and Yale, they don’t even have allocations for Saturday’s meetings.

The school year of 2011-2012 was fantastic. Harvard rolled out only two courses that had their allocations for Saturday. On Wednesdays, they had 1072 classes that receded to Thursday’s 879 and down to 398 on Fridays.

That is precisely what Robert Benchley worked a bit harder to get through. For those who call college resort-like, I bet they have never been to a resort. Because what alternative out there requires people to share bathrooms?

I know for a fact that there is more to college than the reading that gets shoved down our throats. Nobody gives credit to college for the hard times they have had to read or do exams or revise for assessment tests. People only talk about the good times they had. Like, when and where else have you got encouraged to drink during the day? Have you heard of anyone saying a unit saved their lives when they were at the close brink of falling off the cliff? People will miss day drinking, the people and peers on campus, and the people they used to drink with during the day.

Parents may not look happy when they read this since they are the people paying vast chunks of money, but the students are only enjoying themselves. The conflict between extracurricular is immense and intense. They are the real core of the experience in college.

There is a lot to learn in college. An example is opening a can of beer at the edge of a table.

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